Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What wonderful outfits ...

Ok everyone, here we go!

Of course, I'm on the left wearing my nice blue shirt with the standard khaki pants. My friend Sara Bisker is on the right with the very professional black on brown.

The fun will really start tomorrow when we wait and see if anyone notices or even says anything.

In the comments section today, I'd like to hear how you'd react if you thought someone was wearing the same clothes day after day.

How would you approach them? Would you approach them? What are your favorite salad dressings?


  1. Is he sleeping out of his car?

    He really is crazy. Walk the other way walk the other way...shhh don't make eye contact.

  2. Forgot to jot down my favorite salad dressing it's (drum roll) A kiss from Yasmin. ( I can only have that type no one else....mine.)