Monday, March 21, 2011

Let everything that has breath ...

Ahhh ... New neighbors.

In today's economy, my wife and I have seen families come and go in our neighborhood. Some seem to be staying for good while others have only stayed for a few days before packing up and moving again.

The other night, as I went to sit in my backyard for some time in His word and prayer, I was greeted with some festive sounds coming from one if the houses behind ours.

And when I say festive, I mean fiddle and guitar.

This was Mexican folk music being sung by a few gentlemen who no doubt had been having a great time celebrating with their friends and family.

When this type of music is being played at parties such as this one, something from my past begins to smile inside. And even though I don't understand the words that are being sung, something inside of me wants to sing along.

I sat for several minutes and enjoyed the music, as simple as it was. I smiled as I heard children running around in the dark, playing their silly games, following the silly instructions of the older primos.

I was reminded of the family get-togethers we would go to when I was growing up.

The loud laughing.

The silly stories.

Those were times I will always remember.

And as I sat there enjoying the sounds and the music, I imagined that Heaven would have a similar atmosphere of celebration.

The family.

The friends.

The music.

The worship.

Christ told the woman at the well that the time was coming, and indeed was present, when "the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth ..."

Looking at that portion of scripture, what stands out to me is that Christ doesn't mention anything about being in tune or the presence of stringed instruments or fancy ensembles.

This worship flows from the heart.

The gentlemen playing their music that night played from the heart.

And despite the simplicity of their music, their genuineness was undeniable.

Oh, that my worship of the Father would stay as simple and true.