Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day No. 3: Thanks, I like this shirt too ...

Honestly, people, I don't think anyone notices.

It's been two straight days with Sara and I wearing the same clothes and I don't think anyone besides us, our significant others, and you know about it.

But it is early in the morning, around 9am.

I'll update this post a few times today.

QUICK UPDATE (9:07am): I think I'm going to wear the same clothes until someone, anyone, says something, anything.

UPDATE (9:38am): The following thoughts are from Sara Bisker

Wearing the same outfit for an entire week hasn’t been as fun as I thought it would be. Its day three and no one has commented. Granted, I’m not wearing anything crazy or memorable, just brown pants and a black T-shirt but shouldn’t SOMEONE notice by now? Is society so self-focused that we don’t even notice colors, styles, clothing?

If this prank was reversed, and someone else was wearing the same outfit for a week, I am confident that I would notice. I’m a reporter. It’s my job to be observant. Got your hair cut? New shoes? Different perfume? I keep it all in check. So why doesn’t anyone else?

I would hate to believe this prank was in vain. That I could have stretched my creativeness to come up with a new outfit every morning to put on (though I will admit it was very easy on the morning routine to know what I was wearing every single day). Somehow, we need to help people notice. We need to find a way to get them talking about us … so we can deny it. Some way, some how, this prank will work.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE (1:40pm): I've committed myself to wear the same clothes until someone notices. Of course I'll wash as often as necessary, but until some comes up to me and asks, I'm wearing the blue shirt and khakis. So there.

Here are some pics from today. Sara at her desk and myself speaking with Julie. Notice the gentleman's shirt in the background of Sara's picture. He's wearing a bright yellow shirt today. Yesterday it was a different color (see yesterday's post). We're serious, here, people.


  1. I hate to say it ... but I just don't notice what others are wearing. Perhaps if you have some big greasy spot on the front, then I would. Sadly, I've always been concerned "What if I couldn't find my kids and the police wanted to know what they were wearing last" I would have no idea, except for Jordan... a black tee shirt and those fake glasses with the brown frames. Really, he wears contacts people!!! but insists on wearing the fake glasses to school.

  2. I was speaking to a coworker and he said if he didn't see stains or torn dirty clothing he would probably think nothing of it. Some people with a High IQ wear the same color and type of clothing everyday to simplify their lives. They probably have a closet full of blue shirts and khaki pants.