Friday, April 4, 2008


I just had a co-worker ask if I'd been wearing the same shirt for the last couple of days! I can't believe someone finally noticed!

Below is the conversation (best I can remember):

Co-worker #1: How many days have you been wearing that shirt?

Art (feigning surprise): (Gasp!) Excuse me?

Co-worker #1: That shirt; you wore it yesterday ...

Art: (Surprised) What are you talking about?

Co-worker #1: Haven't you been wearing that shirt for a couple of days now?

Co-worker #2: No, yesterday he had a light shirt on!

Co-worker #1: I could've swore you wore that shirt yesterday ..

Art: What are you on?

Co-worker #1: ... yeah, a blue shirt ...

Art: My eyes are blue ... so ....

Co-worker #1 (walking away): ... weird ....

SUCCESS!!!! Now all I have to do is wear this thing for two more days ... If I need to, I'll let Co-worker in on the secret, but only if she swears not to tell anyone. I think I can trust her.

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